Top Tube Bags

The bags I offer are basically the same as the original model.   They’re  still made from X-Pac VX-21 or 42, water-resistant #8 zippers, and 1000 denier cordura.  The side panels are composed of two pieces of x-pac with a layer of high density foam sandwiched in the middle to help maintain their shape.  The #8 zipper is strong and reliable and runs on a straight track from front to rear to minimize wear.  1000d cordura is added to the bottom and front of the bag to protect the x-pac from abrasion.

gas tank 002

gas tank 001

The straps are adjustable to allow you to use the bag on different bikes or to compensate for the placement of frame pack straps.

top tube bags 003

Custom Mega Top Tube Bag

The first mega top tube bag was made for Jesse Carlsson for use in the 2013 Tour Divide.   It was made from VX 42 and ballistic nylon and has mesh side panels on both sides for storing small items or food.   Jesse finished 2nd in his first Tour and his time, 15d 12hr 8m, is also the second fastest in the history of the event.

Tank Bag Closed Tank Bag OpenSeatube 1Seatube 2

Marshall Bird used this custom zipperless mega top tube bag with a silnylon rain fly and a custom large rear bag with a special pocket for his small cable lock during the 2015 Tour Divide .  You can read his review and thoughts on the race at his blog:


Custom medium bag with side pocket

Standard top tube bags are $50 and are available in a variety of colors.  Custom medium bags start at $65 and Mega Top Tube bags $90.

Product and Riders Gallery

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:


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