I offer saddlebags in  three sizes:

Small, 4-6 litre capacity, $110
Medium, 5-10 litre capacity, $125.
Large, 6-12 litre capacity, $130.

They are made from X-Pac VX 7, 21, or 42, 500, 1000 denier cordura, and 1680 ballistic nylon with a HDPE skeleton to keep them rigid when riding singletrack.  The bags have been tweaked slightly over the years based upon feedback from users but are basically the same design as the original. They all share a unique mounting system which pulls the bag into the saddle base to minimize swaying when riding rough singletrack.  They also incorporate plastic side panals which prevent the bag from bulging and contacting the riders thighs while pedaling.  Both the medium and large have been used on numerous multiday backcountry trips and raced in some of the most grueling mountainbike races.  Justin Simoni used the medium bag, a custom frame pack, and two top tube bags on both his two Tour Divides and  switched to a large saddlebag for his record setting Tour 14er.   His Tour Divide adventure was written up in Denver’s Westword Tabloid.

Ruth Cunningham used both the large and medium  saddlebags as well as a custom frame pack and sling during her adventures over the past two years.  She had a very impressive racing season in 2012 and set the Women’s record for the Trans North Georgia, Cross Florida ITT,  and possibly the Alleghany Mountain Loop.  She also was the second fastest women in the Huracan 300 in 2012 and won the 2013 race.  You can read about her exploits at:

The small saddlebag is for riders who are traveling light.  It’s great for carrying extra clothing and rain gear but has just enough capacity to carry a lightweight down sleeping bag or quilt.  Irene Takahashi used one in the 2011 Paris Brest Paris and its popular with randonneurs, touring cyclists, and backcountry racers.

Custom 8oz medium bag

5-18 009

Small saddlebag with reflective strips and webbing for attaching a rear light.small saddlebag rightrear view

Product and Riders Gallery

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:


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