Front Carriers

The front carrier I market has evolved over the past four years.  While the basic design has been kept, its been refined based on the feedback from clients who have used it on the Divide and other adventures.  The current offering is wider than the first model and no longer has the permanently attached pocket but still uses three buckles to hold the dry bag and is as light, stable, and rugged as the original.

The carrier is a simple sling designed to carry a dry bag of up to 7.5 inches in diameter.  The the top layer of the body is made from X-Pac VX-21 or 42 and the underside is 1000 denier cordura.  The area where it might contact the brake levers has another layer of 1000d cordura to protect against abrasion.  The front of the carrier has two rows of nylon webbing to allow the user to strap on extra gear or add a zippered pocket.  There is an additional row of webbing in the rear and a removable strap which can be adjusted to secure the carrier to the stem or head tube to stabilize the load if needed.  The carrier is attached to the handlebars with 1 inch nylon straps which are held in place by rugged cam locks.  Three 3/4 inch nylon straps are used to hold the dry bag in the carrier.



Buckles can be added to the carrier so that stock or custom pockets can be easily attached or removed.  The straps on the pockets are long and can be adjusted to secure items such as rain gear underneath.

carrier front

carrier rear

The stock pocket is made from x-pac, 1000d cordura, and a strong water-resistant #8 zipper.   It’s great for storing a camera, arm and leg warmers, and other  small items or a large quantity of energy bars and gel.


Custom VX 07 Drybagtop tube bags 004

Prices start at $70 for a standard sling and $30 for a pocket.   Custom dry bags start at $40.

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To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:


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