Several people have asked if I make gear in colors other than black and gray… I do and usually have blue, multicam, and red in stock and will order other colors on request.  I recommend black, gray, and multicam because they don’t fade as quickly as some of the lighter shades.  The cover on the left was made from the same batch of fabric as the one on the right.  It is two and a half years old and has spent 4-5 months of that time outside. It began to fade after about a month of use,  fortunately the fabric hasn’t lost any of its strength.   Please bear that in mind when placing an order.


Tour 14er and a Tour Divide Update

Justin Simoni successfully rode to, and climbed all the named and ranked 14,000ft mountains in CO. He did it as an individual time trail without outside support. He broke the old record by 3 days and completed it in 34 days, 12 hours.—success.html

Here are the stats on his ride, very impressive.

Total Hike Mileage: 387.9 miles (624.265 km)

  • Total Hike Elevation: 154,727 feet (47,160.8 km)
  • Total Bike Mileage: 1,609.1 miles (2,589.6 km)
  • Total Bike Elevation: 151,335 feet (46,126.9 meters)
  • Total Time: 34:12:26:57

Justin Simoni Tour 14er

Tanner Morgan successfully completed the Tour Divide in just over 30 days despite enduring miserable weather for the first 16 days of the race.  He also raised over $7,500 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and capped off the adventure by proposing to his girlfriend in Antelope Wells.   His offer was accepted.  Congratulations Tanner.


You can find more pictures of my products and some of the riders who use them on my flickr page:

Summer Update

It has been a busy year and the past month has been very hectic.  I’ve been working diligently to catch up on my backlog while also trying to accommodate requests to expedite orders for several customers that have rescheduled their trips to enjoy the trails earlier than originally planned.  Unfortunately I’ve fallen behind and will have to make some changes in order to catch up.  As of today, I can only accept orders for standard bikepacking products…. frame packs, saddlebags, carriers, and top tube bags.  Custom projects like camera bags, water carriers,  pistol pouches, tool rolls, etc require extensive time to design and manufacture.*   I’m also suspending the repair and modification services I’ve offered in the past, please contact the manufacturer or find another gear builder for assistance. 


To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

You can find more pictures of my products and some of the riders who use them on my flickr page:

* I’ll probably be able to accept custom projects in September.

I’d like to wish all the riders competing in this year’s Tour Divide good luck.   Anyone interested in following the race can check the status of the competitors at and listen to call ins at

A number of the riders are using the event to raise money for various charities.  One of them, Tanner Morgan, is riding for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  His goal is to raise $50,000. Take a couple minutes to check out the links below to learn about the rider and charity and then please donate a few dollars to a worthy cause.…4#.U4OQSNKPLIU

I’d also like to congratulate Ruth Cunningham on her record setting ride in this year’s Huracan 300.  Ruth beat her previous time by 4 hours despite the course being 35 miles longer than last years.

2014 huracan finish

If you’re here to learn about the products I offer please scroll down the page to some of the earlier posts.  To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

You can find more pictures of my products and some of the riders who use them on my flickr page:

A quick update

I’m very busy making gear for the upcoming season and haven’t had much free time to update this blog.  If you would like to place an order or need more information than what is shown below please send me an email.

PS – I’ll be adding more pictures to the flickr page soon.  If you’re currently using my gear and have some shots you would like to share please email them to me.


bikepacking shots 010

We’re Ok but

I have been filling sandbags and building barriers instead of bikepacking gear over the past several days.  Our neighborhood, block, and property experienced some flooding but it’s minor compared to other areas in the county.   We have some cleanup to do but I should be back to work Wednesday.    9-17 001

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

Product and Riders Gallery

June Update

It’s been awhile since this blog was updated so it is time for a new post.  The past several months have been really productive.  Equipping riders for the Arizona Trail, Tour Divide, Trans North Georgia, and other races has keep me quite busy.   There’s been a steady flow of orders from non racers as well.  The  biggest surprise is the interest in lightweight bikepacking gear shown by the road biking community.  A number of road riders have ordered the small or medium saddlebags as well as custom frame packs and front carriers for both credit card and multiday fully loaded tours.  Several people have also purchased saddlebags  for Ride the Rockies and other supported events.Serotta rigged for credit card touring

Here are some pictures of a few recent projects:

8oz VX 07 12 liter saddlebag5-18 009

Custom packs for an older Superlight

superlight 004superlight 006

Custom extra large top tube bag for Jesse Carlsson.  Jesse finished 2nd in this years Tour Divide and his time, 15d 12hr 8m, is also the second fastest in the history of the event.  Very impressive performance especially for a rookie.Jesse's Tour Divide rig, custom top tube bag

Semi Custom front and rear top tube bagstop tube bags 003

Custom VX 07 Drybagtop tube bags 004

Custom frame packs for a medium and small Niner SIR and EMDJim's Packs 001 SJim's Packs 003

Small saddlebag with reflective strips and webbing for attaching a rear light.small saddlebag rightrear view

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

Product and Riders Gallery

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Basden's monocogThe framepacks I make are custom designed for your bike and bikepacking requirements.  The larger models are typically made from Dimension Polyant VX 42 and the points which contact the frame are reinforced with Ballistic nylon to prevent abrasion and insure long life.  Lighter VX 21 is used for smaller packs and those designed for full suspension frames.  Durable water-resistant number 10 zippers provide access to the main compartment openings and number 8’s for the optional map pockets.  Milspec velcro is used to securely attach the pack to the frame.

basden and marco's frame packs 005

The packs can be built with a variety of custom features such as drinking ports, divided compartments, and internal pockets if needed.   Pricing is dependent upon the size and complexity of the design.


Custom tandem packstandem 009

Two compartment packs with removable divider

j's fb 009

Two piece system made for a rider who attempted the Tour Divide on a cyclecross bike.  The split design allowed her to slide her arm in between the two packs and shoulder the bike when the trail was unridable.

Picture 079

Product and Riders Gallery

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

Front carriers, pockets, and top tube bags,

The front carrier I market has evolved over the past two and a half years.  While the basic design has been kept, its been refined based on the feedback from clients who have used it on the Divide and other adventures.  The current offering is wider than the first model and no longer has the permanently attached pocket but still uses three buckles to hold the dry bag and is as light, stable, and rugged as the original.

The carrier is a simple sling designed to carry a dry bag of up to 7.5 inches in diameter.  The the top layer of the body is made from X-Pac VX-21 or 42 and the underside is 1000 denier cordura.  The area where it might contact the brake levers has another layer of 1000d cordura to protect against abrasion.  The front of the carrier has two rows of nylon webbing to allow the user to strap on extra gear or add a zippered pocket.  There is an additional row of webbing in the rear and a removable strap which can be adjusted to secure the carrier to the stem or head tube to stabilize the load if needed.  The carrier is attached to the handlebars with 1 inch nylon straps which are held in place by rugged cam locks.  Three 3/4 inch nylon straps are used to hold the dry bag in the carrier.



Buckles can be added to the carrier so that stock or custom pockets can be easily attached or removed.  The straps on the pockets are long and can be adjusted to secure items such as rain gear underneath.

carrier front

carrier rear

The stock pocket is made from x-pac, 1000d cordura, and a strong water-resistant #8 zipper.   It’s great for storing a camera, arm and leg warmers, and other  small items or a large quantity of energy bars and gel.

Prices start at $60 for a standard sling and $25 for a pocket.

Top Tube Bags

The bags I offer are basically the same as the original model.   They’re  still made from X-Pac VX-21 or 42, water-resistant #8 zippers, and 1000 denier cordura.  The side panels are composed of two pieces of x-pac with a layer of high density foam sandwiched in the middle to help maintain their shape.  The #8 zipper is strong and reliable and runs on a straight track from front to rear to minimize wear.  1000d cordura is added to the bottom and front of the bag to protect the x-pac from abrasion.

gas tank 002

gas tank 001

The straps are adjustable to allow you to use the bag on different bikes or to compensate for the placement of frame pack straps.

Standard top tube bags are $50 and are available in a variety of colors.  Front and rear models available.


I offer saddlebags in  three sizes:

Small, 4-6 litre capacity, $100
Medium, 5-10 litre capacity, $125.
Large, 6-12 litre capacity, $130.

They are made from X-Pac VX 7, 21, or 42, 500, 1000 denier cordura, and 1680 ballistic nylon with a HDPE skeleton to keep them rigid when riding singletrack.  The bags have been tweaked slightly over the past 2 1/2 years based upon feedback from users but are basically the same design as the original. They all share a unique mounting system which pulls the bag into the saddle base to minimize swaying when riding rough singletrack.  They also incorporate plastic side panals which prevent the bag from bulging and contacting the riders thighs while pedaling.  Both the medium and large have been used on numerous multiday backcountry trips and raced in some of the most grueling mountainbike races.  Justin Simoni used the medium bag, a custom frame pack, and two top tube bags on both his two Tour Divides and was recently featured in an article on the race in Denver’s Westword.

Ruth Cunningham used both the large and medium  saddlebags as well as a custom frame pack and sling during her adventures over the past two years.  She had a very impressive racing season in 2012 and set the Women’s record for the Trans North Georgia, Cross Florida ITT,  and possibly the Alleghany Mountain Loop.  She also was the second fastest women in the Huracan 300 in 2012 and won the 2013 race.  You can read about her exploits at:

The small saddlebag is for riders who are traveling light.  It’s great for carrying extra clothing and rain gear but has just enough capacity to carry a lightweight down sleeping bag or quilt.  Irene Takahashi used one in the last Paris Brest Paris and it’s gaining popularity with the randonneurs who often prefer traditional gear.

Product and Riders Gallery

To place an order or to request additional information send an email to:

Welcome to Bolder Bikepacking Gear

After much prompting I’m creating this blog to showcase and market the bikepacking gear that I’ve been designing and manufacturing here in Boulder, Colorado since the fall of 2010.   I’ll add pictures and descriptions of the individual items in future posts.  There will also be a riders gallery and trip reports.   If you would like to contribute to this blog, need more information, or wish to place an order please contact me at


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